Actual is a design and graphic communication studio
with over twenty year's experience. It is led by Javier Gil,
a designer and art director with a long, proven track record.
We are an intentionally small, independent studio that seeks a close
relationship with the client and an compelling, flexible approach to projects.
We work with the idea that design should not only communicate
but also dare to be different, draw attention and surprise.

Sometimes our clients choose to work with us.
It's usually a mutual decision. We don't think
success is possible when service is solely professional.
Trust and a joint commitment are essential for any design,
project or company to do well.

Our studio is located in a landmark industrial building
on the outskirts of Barcelona. This business centre, opened 50 years ago,
is home to a large group of companies linked to the world of industry,
innovation, art and design. So we are not there by chance:
we need to be very close to the real world.

If you think we can work together please contact us at:
Edifici Freixas, Carrer de la Gloria 7, 3º 1ª 08902 (L’Hospitalet) Barcelona.
Tel.: +34 680 153 427 studio@actualisdesign.com



We work online, understanding the Internet as an essential form
of communication in our time. However, we are also aware that,
while being different was synonymous with digital media ten years ago,
today, given the globalized access to this service by companies and institutions,
the difference in many cases is made by working offline.

We use this approach as a tool to impact and bond with audiences
in a special way, thereby fostering their loyalty, always from excellence.
Offline communication sometimes reaches places that online communication
doesn't. We are specialists in environmental and editorial projects.

We place a great deal of importance on the fine details.
Not only are we designers but thanks to our wide experience and know-how
we are also experts in production graphics. Specialized in taking maximum care
of the materials, printing types, binding, inks and finishes.
In short, we can count on different ways of tackling the final stages of design
in order to create outstanding pieces of design.

We work on all aspects of the design, but always with the typography
and the surprise factor as the cornerstones, in search of languages that are both
timeless and new, based on original concepts and ideas and not only taking
into account the positive aspects that some trends may present.
Our objective is always to help boost our clients' prestige.



We always aim for something different.
Rather than just adapting to their projects we want our clients
to be noticed, we design the strategic and creative process
following a procedure developed in conjunction with them,
working side by side. The secret to our success
is a long-term commitment to the clients.

We give companies and institutions the opportunity to modernize
and better connect with people, always taking into account the target audiences.
Design gives added value to brands and projects and offers ways of coping
with the real challenges of identity and communication.

We understand the final product as the consequence of
a mission and strategy and a a constant quest for excellence,
not as an end in itself, and we rely on a network of handpicked experts
whom we work with to meet specific needs. These include photographers,
writers, strategists, programmers, illustrators and artists.

Our inspiration comes mainly from the world of innovation, business,
entrepreneurship and culture. The goal is to never stop making progress
and we are convinced this has a a positive impact on the way
we build brands or we design books.



Recent commissions include projects in the fields of communication,
the educational services, arts, editorial, gastronomy, industrial sector, music
and design. We create identities, books, catalogues, packaging,
websites, exhibition designs, environmental designs, and typography.
Our clients range from start-ups to consolidated companies
and institutions, based both locally and abroad.

Recent clients include the Arranz-Bravo Foundation, Random House
Mondadori, Mermelada Estudio, Acta Hotels, the Government of Catalonia,
L’Hospitalet City Council, Educational Services Abroad, Mercat de les Flors,
Herder Editorial, the College of Architects of Catalonia,
and Tarragona City Council.



This site is currently under development.
For more information please contact us at:
Edifici Freixas, Carrer de la Gloria 7, 3 - 1
08902 (L’Hospitalet) Barcelona. Tel.: +34 680 153 427


Design of photography, set up of photography
& helping hands: Javier Gil